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Sean Casey Visits the MOST

We are very excited to announce for the upcoming visit by daring large-format filmmaker Sean Casey (star of the Discovery Channel's wildly popular Storm Chasers series) who is the star and director of Tornado Alley, a heart-pounding documentary on the severe weather of the Midwest. The film is currently playing in the MOST's Bristol IMAX Omnitheater.

Casey will be visiting the MOST for two days, Wednesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 2, 2012. While here he will be doing meet & greets with the public, sharing his travels in storm chasing, and discussing the creation of his self-designed tornado intercept vehicle (TIV). He will be available for autographs and photos as well.

A special presentation for MOST Members will take place on Wednesday, August 1st following the 4pm showing of Tornado Alley. Casey will talk about his experiences with chasing tornados, share stories of his adventures and answer questions from the audience. Light snacks areMOST Members are encouraged to make their reservation today through Kelly Gardner at 315.425.9068 x2121.

"Tornadoes are surreal, unimaginable," Casey says. "I want to witness something that
I am truly in awe of. My dream has always been to get footage that's as powerful as the subject matter. There's a huge difference between filming a tornado from a couple miles away with a telephoto lens, and filming a tornado that's on top of you with a wide-angle lens. After eight years, I'm thrilled to finally share these incredible experiences with audiences everywhere."

Want to have dinner with a storm chaser? Listen to Gomez & Dave on TK99 starting July 23rd for your chance to win tickets to Tornado Alley and be entered to win dinner for you and a guest with Sean Casey himself!


Wednesday, August 1st

  • 11am-12pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 12pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)
  • 1pm-2pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 2pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)
  • 2:15-4pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 4pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)
  • 5pm MOST Members Presentation

Thursday, August 2nd

  • 10am-12pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 12pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)
  • 1pm-2pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 2pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)
  • 2:15-4pm Meet & Greet with Sean Casey
  • 4pm Tornado Alley (Bristol IMAX Omnitheater)

IMAX filmmaker and professional storm chaser Sean Casey makes his feature-length directorial debut with Tornado Alley, a film in which he also stars and serves as first unit cinematographer. Over the course of his career, Casey has filmed volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, and the depth of his experience working in severe weather—as well as the impressive library of IMAX tornado footage he has amassed leading up to Tornado Alley's release—served the production well. "We spent eight years shooting dozens of tornadoes, probably eighteen tornadoes for the film," he says. "But we also shot hail footage and beautiful storm footage. All this beautiful weather stuff. For me, that's the main character of the film."

Casey has directed a number of television documentaries and music videos, including Marine: Earning The Title, The Art of Camouflage, The U.S. Army Ranger, Tonight (Violent Femmes), Machine (Violent Femmes), and Glass Sparkles In their Hair (Pond).

In addition, Casey is an inventor of sorts, having designed two tornado intercept vehicles, or TIVs, the second of which seems unwittingly poised to be one of Tornado Alley's biggest stars.

After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1992 with a degree in Film Studies, Casey immediately began working in the IMAX format. His credits include Ring of Fire, Search for the Great Sharks, Africa: The Serengeti, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, Amazing Journeys, and Forces of Nature.

In 2008, Discover magazine named Casey one of the fifty best minds of the year. "You have to really understand your subject matter so that you can film the more amazing parts of it," he told the magazine. "Going out with an IMAX camera appeals to my sense of hunting and gathering images."

Tornado Alley IMAX


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