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Ice Age Movie
ICE AGE: Mammoths & More provides a chance for an up close visit with a 9-ft. tall Woolly Mammoth and its thick, shaggy coat of long hair, long tusks, and enormous trunks. Hear the growl of the Saber-tooth Cat as it protects its young with giant teeth and a jaw that opened to over 120 degrees, useful for fending off potential predators.

Wooly Mammoth            Austrolopithecus            Coeldonta

Alongside all these roaring and moving animals is an Australopithecus family. Standing at about 4 feet tall, an adult Australopithecus was the size of a modern 6-year old. Many of their footprints and fossils found in parts of Eastern and Northern Africa were remarkably similar to humans, and aided in the research and discovery of human evolution. It is widely held by paleontologists that this species played a significant part in human evolution and was a precursor to modern Homo sapiens.

Other animals include: Coelodonta, Doedicurus, Diatryma, Platybelodon, Baluchitherium, Megatherium, and Hydracotherium.

ICE AGE: Mammoths & More is a creation of Kokoro Ltd., the same company responsible for last year's very popular Dinomania. This exhibition is made possibly by the generous support of First Niagara Bank and The Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation.

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