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Toothpick White House

Build Your World one toothpick at a time

The MOST invites you to Build Your World - in toothpicks! We are hosting a toothpick-building contest this summer for people who live in Central New York, and we have the toothpick master himself to teach you how.

Stan Munro, creator of Toothpick City, Toothpick City II and Toothpick World, is offering two workshops to help you get started. Learn the strategy that Munro uses to build landmark towers, religious buildings, baseball stadiums and even the U.S.S. Enterprise from toothpicks.

Workshops will be at 11 a.m. Sunday, June 1, and Saturday, June 21. To sign up, call (315) 425-9068 x2126. If there's enough demand, we'll hold another workshop. The workshop is free with exhibit admission.

The contest is open to all ages and segmented into five categories:

Stan Munro
  1. Child in kindergarten through fifth grade with no adult help; eligible to win the grand prize
  2. Child in sixth through eighth grade with no adult help; eligible to win the grand prize
  3. Child in ninth through 12th grade with no adult help; eligible to win the grand prize
  4. Family entries (all people who worked on the entry and live in the same household); eligible to win the grand prize
  5. Group entries (a mix of ages, including adults, or an all-adult group, perhaps at the same workplace); NOT eligible to win the grand prize

The grand prize is a one-year family membership to the MOST, a $50 gift certificate to the Science Shop, and a Toothpick World T-shirt. Download the complete rules here. And good luck building your world!

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