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MOST Traveling Science Program


Traveling Science Program Costs:

Pre-K: 20 to 30 minute shows upto 20 students, children 2 and 3 year olds

Small group: up to 30 people for 45 minute show

Medium group: 30 to 50 people for 45 minute show

Large group: 50 to 75 people for 45 minute show

Auditorium Shows (or large room): 75 to 100 people

For Science Workshop: up to 25 students

The MOST is proud to supplement our exhibits and in-house activities with our Traveling Science Programs.The MOST's team of educators is committed to giving our audiences a learning experience that is fun, engaging, and memorable.Each year we work with groups of different sizes, and various ages, abilities, and interests.We learn from these interactions which teaching methods and topics get our audiences excited about science, and we use that knowledge to make programs that fit the needs of each group.Our educators love to bring out tested favorites like the Liquid Nitrogen demonstration and the ice balloon workshop, but we are also excited to try new approaches and introduce new topics.We currently offer two different types of traveling programs, the Traveling Science Demonstrations and the Traveling Science Workshops.Please follow the links below to learn about them and to help you decide if they are right for your group.If neither fit your needs, please call or email us to discuss other options.Also, please note, that while these are listed as traveling shows, they can also be booked for group visits to the MOST.

Traveling Science Shows
Traveling Science Workshops

For Traveling Science Program contact the TSP Coordinator
For General Education information contact the Director of Education

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