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The MOST’s vision is to be a pre-eminent science and technology center, inspiring all generations through hands-on education and entertainment.

Capital Campaign Cabinet


Gwyn Mannion, Quality Engineer   Jeffrey Rubenstein
SRCTec Shadowfax Communications

Team Leaders

Vicki Brackens, Financial Planner
MetLife Financial Services

David Holstein, Partner                                                                      
Green & Seifter                                                                                  

Edward Kochian, Deputy County Executive                          
Onondaga County

Terrance Madden, Senior Vice President                                          
O’Brien & Gere                                                                                  

David Schneckenburger, President                                       
Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co.                                              


Campaign Solicitors

John Almonte, Principal                                                         
Wellwood Middle School                                                          

James R. Barger                                                                   
Senior VP & Commercial Banking Manager                         

Philip S. Bousquet                                                                   
Green & Seifter, Attorneys, PLLC                                          

Patrick Dalton, Co-founder                                                      

David Foor, President                                                
Visual Technologies                                                               

Edgar L. Galson (Retired)                                                      
Galson Engineers                                                                  

Dr. Fredrick Gilbeaux                                                 
Jamesville Dental                                                                   

Alex Holstein                                                                          

Brian Howard, CFP®, Senior Vice President                 
US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management     

Carl Isley, Vice President & Group Manager             
M&T Bank                                                                              

Jeffrey J. Kirshner, M.D.                                                        

George Lee                                                                            
Pyramid Brokerage Co., Inc.                                                 

George McGuire, Partner                                                       
Bond, Schoeneck & King                                                       

Edward J. Moses, Partner                                                     
Mackenzie Hughes, LLP                                                        

Timothy Rabideau                                                                  

Cynthia Scott, President                                                
OMC Financial Services                                                        

Marcene Sonneborn                                                              
TDO Solutions                                                                                   

Don Western, Executive Director                                          
Community Engagement & Economic Development           
Syracuse University

MOST Staff:

Larry Leatherman, President
(315) 425-9068, ext. 2116

Tony Ortega, Executive Vice President
MOST Foundation
(315) 425-9068, ext. 2120

Toni Paglia, Capital Campaign Manager
(315) 425-9068, ext. 2128

Leadership Giving Committee

Gwyn Mannion, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Rubenstein, Co-Chair
Edward Green, Esq.
David Holstein, Esq.
Philip Kemper
Larry Leatherman
Douglas Reep, Ph.D.
Elaine Rubenstein
David Schneckenburger
Richard Sykes
Anthony Ortega, Staff

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