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Spaces Available for Teams Requiring a Rocket: 27
Registered Teams Needing a Rocket (max. 100): 73 (status: open)
- LOC IV Bodies Assigned (max. 50): 38 (status: open)
- Graduator Bodies Assigned (max. 50): 35 (status: open)
Registered Teams Supplying a Rocket (max. unlimited): 2 (status: open)
Total Teams Registered: 75

Topics of Questioning

At the launch, the team will be asked five questions to inquire about their knowledge of rocket science.  Below is a list of topics from which the judges will be questioning the team:

  • Parts of a Rocket
  • Center of Gravity, Center of Pressure and the Impact of Flight Stability
  • Newton Three Laws of Motion
  • Flight Phases of a Rocket
  • Thrust, Lift and Drag
  • Rocket Safety as Define by NAR Safety Code

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