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Login is not necessary to submit an application. Please complete the following form. Fields marked with "*" are required. Once submitted you should hear back from us with in a few days.

If you have already submitted an application in the past, don't submit a new one. If you are interested in volunteering for an event that is coming up, simply contact the volunteer coordinator and let them know at or call (315) 425-9068 x2145.

Volunteer and Intern Application

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Tell us about yourself in a simple paragraph. Do you have any goals or special projects you would like us to know about? This is optional, but it does give us a way to ensure your experience is beneficial.
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Please indicate where you would like to volunteer. You can choose more than one but you must choose at least one.
* Some assignments will require additional information. If you indicate any assignments that are marked like this, such as the CNYSEF Science Fair Judges, you will get notification of how to login and complete the additional information for this application.

CNYSEF Science Fair(Judge)* - Yes No Floor Host - Yes No
CNYSEF Science Fair (Volunteer) - Yes No Education Department - Yes No
Rocket Team Challenge - Yes No Science Store - Yes No
Bridges Build'em Bust'em - Yes No Marketing Department - Yes No
Birthday Parties - Yes No Tap Into the MOST - Yes No
Gala - Yes No Facility Rentals - Yes No
Clerical or Database - Yes No Housekeeping - Yes No
IT Department - Yes No Finance Department - Yes No
Building Services - Yes No School Groups - Yes No
Summer Camps - Yes No Camp-Ins - Yes No
Honeywell Summer Science Week - Yes No Demonstrations - Yes No
Apothecary Shop - Yes No Not sure yet -Yes No
If you do not see your preference above or are not sure of your interest yet, please let us know briefly how you would like to be involved with the museum as a volunteer
Please indicate your availability. This does not need to be a firm commitment. It simply gives us an idea of when you will be available. Final schedules will be mutually agreed upon.
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Please briefly explain any previous volunteering experience you have.
By clicking "submit my application for review ", you are agreeing to grant the museum permission to call the references you have provided in order to assess the potential relationship between you and the museum. Please ensure that your information is correct. The Volunteer Coordinator will be notified of your application and will contact you. Should you want to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, go to the "Contact Us" page under the "Museum Information" heading at the top of all pages in the Web site.


























































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